Posters & Web Graphics

This is a collection of various posters and web graphics.

Although I did use a 'hand-made'-style typeface, I modified most of the letters to further sell the hand-written illusion. It bugs the hell out of me when designers don't even try to do that, especially with grunge fonts. I heavily modified the 'salt of the earth' motif from an EPS freely available in Adobe CC Marketplace. This poster was also accompanied by various permutations of it for Facebook, banner ads, and handbills.
Facebook Cover for a Ziggy Stardust tribute. Yeah, I know that's Alladin Sane, but no one really remembers what Ziggy looked like. There was also a poster and all the usual promo stuff, but I think this looked best in one tidy little image. Note that there is a place for the Facebook portrait to go. I really wish Facebook had more leeway in how their Events posts are presented. There's almost no room for typographic fun. In fact, they discourage it.
I did not create the CD art, but I'm particularly happy with my type-treatment.
One of the first posters  I made for The Corn Fed Girls. For years they did an annual Christmas Concert with a unique theme. The typeography in this is a bit dodgy but I really like the image.
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