Portage Printing Animated Ads

This is the first in a series of 30-second TV spots for Portage Printing, a locally owned (and really swell) print shop. The audio was previously used in radio spots that I remixed.

Third and final TV commericial. I really bit off a lot in this one and can really understand why this takes whole teams of artists. I made about 400 total assets to produce this and used about half. Assets were created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Like the first two, the animation is done using Flash (soon to be 'Animator'). Although I ended up not really using Tweens very much, opting instead for frame-by-frame, the nesting features were invaluable. 
One sticky part was finding examples of the dancing I needed. I found this restoration of an old 1950s television ad on YouTube and adapted the frames and general look of the characters. 
Second TV spot. A bit better, though still a bit odd in movement and has telltale new-Flash-user mistakes.
This is the first, admittedly rough, TV commercial. While I was more than familiar with the concepts of animation, I had never created anything more than a little special effects work for a class. I really learned a lot.
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