The Corn Fed Girls

Graphic Design for the Americana band, The Corn Fed Girls

The Corn Fed Girls
An Americana Acoustic Band
I do a lot of work for The Corn Fed Girls. For their second CD, Papercuts, I designed a real 3-D paper figure of each band member, the instrument each played, posed and photographed them for the cover. Since then they have retained me to create posters, t-shirts and related products, and to create and maintain their website,
For their second album I designed, illustrated, assembled and photographed these paper versions of the band and their instruments.
Two Kalamazoo bands have combined their musical talents on several occasions. For two years (and counting) they’ve presented these classic Beatle’s albums live at Kalamazoo’s historic State Theatre. 
I art directed a photo shoot on WMU’s Dalton Center stage in an effort to mimic the famous Sgt. Pepper record cover. For both legal and personal reasons, all elements were created from scratch. In fact, the only purely computer-generated parts are some plants in background and the sky. With the exception of some historic image sources, all background portraits were later submitted to me by band members and then assembled to best approximate the placement in the original pieces. Moreover, everyone in it has some connection
to Kalamazoo.
I later incorporated the art into a web site. file:///Users/mattsahlgren/Dropbox/Public/SgtPepper/index.html
When a pointer moved over each face or object a rollover explained each individual’s identity and significance. 
I had photographed one of the band member’s kids wearing hearing-protection and running around during their set at a festival. After trying to create a more complex image of him I realized that a quick minimalist sketch worked far better.
This artwork was later incorporated into a 2-color t-shirt.
I always felt John Campos was under-represented in this band. He’s relatively quiet and immensely talented. So here he is in all his mellow bearded glory. I ran ‘The Corn Fed Girls’ thru several online translators and created this simple but striking layout. I’m quite certain that most are incorrectly phrased but I figured anyone who would know would find it hilarious. Included here is Spanish, German, Greek, French, Japanese, Khmer, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, and even Klingon which directly translates as ‘Terran females nourished by tall vegetables’.
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